Paint Color Tips for Your Next Remodeling Project

paint color tipsAre you planning a home remodeling project for this summer? Whether you’re updating your bathroom, kitchen, or a bedroom, picking the right paint colors is important. A lot goes into remodeling any space in your home. One of the most drastic and noticeable changes you can make involves the paint. It isn’t as easy as throwing some random color on the wall, however. It’s always a good idea to work with a home remodeling company and put some time into planning your project before starting. Here are several great tips to help you pick the right paint colors.

  1. Limit Your Selections

With so many different color options out there, it can be difficult to narrow down your selection, but narrow it down you should. When it comes to painting, you should strive to pick no more than three colors for your design. More than three is often too much variation for the senses.

  1. Shoot for Three

When it comes to painting, three is really the magic number. You should pick no more than three colors and you should strive to use each one you pick at least three times. Whether you’re planning a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, remembering the number three will help make your space look more cohesive.

  1. Use What You Already Have

Have you recently remodeled another room in your house? One way to narrow down your paint color selections is to utilize other spaces for inspiration. Your home remodeling contractor can help you find inspiration for your new room design.

Need Professional Help with Your Next Home Remodeling Project?

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