One Great Product for the Bathroom

linear shower drainOver the past few years we have turned to the linear shower drain when designing many of our clients’ bathrooms, for a couple of reasons.  For this type of drain, the shower curb can be eliminated and the bathroom floor tile can be seamlessly brought through onto the shower floor regardless of the size of the tile, resulting in a sleek continuous look.  Especially when used together with an open shower entry or a clear glass shower door, this no-threshold type of shower is perceived as an inherent part of the whole room rather than a separate closed-in space, resulting in a larger feel to the room.

The second benefit is that the lack of a curb makes this an accessible shower easy for people of all ages and abilities to use, as no one will have to struggle to step over (or, in the case of a wheelchair-bound person, wheel over) a barrier to the shower.  It is also easier for the user to balance on a floor sloping in one direction on one plane than on the traditional bowl-shaped slope.

As designers, we appreciate the choice of patterns in the stainless steel drain cover.  Or we can choose to have no pattern at all — the tile-in, in which inch-and-a-half thin strips of the floor tile are cut to fit in the drain cover, for the most seamless look.  The drains are available in 28 inches to 68 inches wide, and can be placed anywhere in or around the wet area (we usually install them at the front entry to the shower or along the back shower wall).  And they are easy to clean with everything removable.